Single Row View71 Berg tells us how to apply a custom detail in this step by step blog.-Thursday, 29 August, 2013Christian Berg
Single Row View81 defines a ReForm as ?an amalgum of Reports and Forms that has the DNA of both.? The discussion in this blog not only presents a ReForm but also demonstrates the enormous benefits of using JQuery in APEX report development. In this post, he discusses the process needed to create a ReForm (Report cum Tabular Form) and also see the process of controlling the data cells for superior reporting.OBIEEMonday, 23 December, 2013Vishal Pathak
Single Row View82 says in this blog post: ?OBIEE 11g offers number options on the way that right-click interactions are handled in views. To configure various options that change the way that right-click interactions are handled in views for an analysis at runtime. The elements in the instanceconfig.xml file specify the default settings for a new or upgraded analysis. One can edit the properties of an analysis in Presentation Services to modify how the analysis handles right-click interactions in views.OBIEEThursday, 02 January, 2014Pravin Khadakkar
Single Row View84, M & S Consulting talk us through the steps to create a run button on the dashboard. In the first part of the exercise, they talk about setting up the analysis and in the second part, set up the prompt for it.OBIEEMonday, 30 December, 2013M & S Consulting
Single Row View85 this post, Mark Rittman writes about: ?Creating an Initial Business Intelligence Mobile App? and ?Publishing Your App to the Mobile App Store.? He also links to useful documentation.-Friday, 03 January, 2014Mark Rittman
Single Row View86 file is used during the installation of OBIEE 11g to define the ports. This post shows a sample of one.-Monday, 28 October, 2013Gerard Nico
Single Row View91 Moffat covers: Anti-patterns in performance optimisation Generally good design principles to observe in OBIEE Optimising OBIEE further BI Server Caching Use fast disk for cache and/or temporary files Web Tier for static content caching Scale out / Scale up Optimising the database Oracle?s tuning document-Monday, 18 March, 2013Robin Moffat
Single Row View104 He says, ?Recently my team has implemented data level security and object level security in OBIEE 11G for a client who is selling their data to external customers. The requirement is very quintessential of any BI Project and the implementation process is trivial. Therefore, I have decided to detail the process, which I think can be very beneficial to any future security implementation.?OBIEE-Bojie He
Single Row View106 This post by Pravin Khadakkar answers the Customer Question ?The customer would like to make drop down list box default to latest data value available in the list. There is a hidden request which points towards the transactional data availability rather than dimensional values. For e.g. there is a global filter list box defined on Date column, by default the list should shown all date values available irrespective of transactional data is available or not. So there are two different requests we are talking here, the first one to restrict list of dimensional attribute based on transactional data available and then take the latest at default.? This blog is an attempt to show how this customer request can be fulfilled by using SQL?s within global filter definition. It is made more interesting when subject area has more than one logical fact. -Wednesday, 15 January, 2014Pravin Khadakkar
Single Row View111 Atil posts here how to add RAC (Clustered Databases) to Enterprise Manager 12c. He says, ?Finally I found time to get screenshots and prepare a step-by-step guide!?-Wednesday, 22 January, 2014Gokhan Atil
Single Row View62!This post focuses on: - external memory computation - data exchange - memory sharing - memory computation-Tuesday, 17 December, 2013Raqsoft BI OLAP
Single Row View65*2_*2_*2_lna_PENDING_*2#!Local minima and maxima (extrema) in graphs emphasis the points where the graphs change the trend. This post explores how to achieve it in OBIEE.-Monday, 23 December, 2013Boris Dahav
Single Row View66*2_*2_*2_lna_PENDING_*2#!?With the political problems hovering around the launch of The Affordable Care Act (?Obamacare?) now seemingly left behind, the biggest threat to the Affordable Care Act is now a technical one.? This post by KPI Partners explores this in more detail.-Friday, 27 December, 2013KPI Partners blog
Single Row View68 is Blog 1 in a series of 3, where Jeremy Harris jots down any lessons learnt during upgrading!-Tuesday, 17 December, 2013Jeremy Harms
Single Row View70 blog by Corporate Technologies states that Waterfall Graphs, Table Scrollbars and Recommended Visualisation Views are their favourite three features of OBIEE, 24 October, 2013Nick Hopkins
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