Single Row View203 Screen explores Collaborative BI, which he defines as ?the means to communicate persisting knowledge and provide feedback within Business Intelligence systems in order to collectively make better business decisions.? -Friday, 21 February, 2014Christian Screen
Single Row View1 Workspace and OBIEE 11g IntegrationOBIEE 11gSaturday, 09 November, 2013Christian Screen
Single Row View69 post comprises of: - Custom Build a Solution for Adding Comments in OBIEE - What to know and What to ask for in a custom commenting solution - Oracle APEX as a Solution for Adding Comments in OBIEE - OBIEE Action Framework as a Solution for Adding Comments in OBIEE - OBIEE BITeamwork Collaborative BI Solution for Adding Comments in OBIEEOBIEESunday, 29 December, 2013Christian Screen
Single Row View430 Screen says, ?If you?ve thought about commenting on OBIEE dashboards or believe that users need a way to tell the story about their data, you are not alone. We?re putting on the first webinar discussing Collaborative BI in Oracle Business Intelligence this Friday June 20th at 2pm EST. We?d like you to sign up for the webinar and attend here,, 15 June, 2014Christian Screen
Single Row View753 Screen writes, ?In BITeamwork 3.7 we?ve released another amazing solution to a known problem with all analytical reporting collaboration in OBIEE.? Take the latest version for a test drive,, 08 July, 2015Christian Screen
Single Row View374 Screen says, ?You may have noticed that with both the Hyperion Workspace production and the Oracle BI portal that is does not conform to Internet Explorer?s subtle rendering tantrums, that is incompatibility. This post quickly takes a look at the solution that you can use either for Oracle EPM or Oracle BI to ensure that any IE browser, including when trying mobile compatibility with the Microsoft Surface, will work for your end users. If you are interested in Fixing IE for Oracle BI and Hyperion Workspace compatibility then this is a good article for you to read.? He then goes through the problem and the solution.HyperionMonday, 26 May, 2014Christian Screen
Single Row View353 this blog, Christian Screen says, ?As part of the configuration process of leveraging a Proxy Server or HTTP Server with OBIEE, one configures the context-root paths accessible for routing to the target application server used by Oracle BI. This logic will apply when using a proxy with BITeamwork and OBIEE as the integration of the BITeamwork application is deployed to the same application server when deployed to the on-premise OBIEE solution.? OBIEETuesday, 13 May, 2014Christian Screen
Single Row View324 Screen gives step-by-step instructions on how to add comments on Oracle BI Mobile applications such as the ones downloaded from iTunes or the Android store.OBIEETuesday, 06 May, 2014Christian Screen
Single Row View576 Screen sums up the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group (RMOUG) event. He writes of how it was the first time they had sponsored the RMOUG event. Christian said that there was a fantastic turnout with experts in all areas of Oracle technology.-Friday, 06 March, 2015Christian Screen
Single Row View763 Screen says, ?This blog walks you through using a feature in OBIEE called Query Blocking. This is a nice function that controls analysis/report development and to some degree continuity with your queries. There are some case where in rapid prototyping a user may need to bypass said query blockage so, this blog will also show you how to prompt a user as an alert that they are breaching the query blocking constraint. This gives the user flexibility to override the query blocking if needed. All it takes is a little bit of JavaScript and OBIEE know-how.?-Wednesday, 15 July, 2015Christian Screen
Single Row View775 Screen writes, ?If you?ve been keeping up with us, you know that our BITeamwork system works really well for communicating and collaborating within your enterprise analytics system. When your users don?t feel like they can participate, they start using the product less. This can cost your organization valuable investment dollars. One of the ways our product, BITeamwork, helps to combat this issue and make users really enjoy using OBIEE is by allowing them to comment within the OBIEE environment. Today I?m going to show you how you can add more rich context on your comments.?-Friday, 17 July, 2015Christian Screen
Single Row View834 Screen sasy, ?This post looks at the BITeamwork API in action, calling basic interactions such as those mentioned above for launching the cell annotation process and the dashboard comment editor.? It covers: Calling Dashboard Editor Via BITeamwork API JavaScript Calling Cell Annotation Workflow Via BITeamwork API JavaScript Bringing the Examples Together-Sunday, 20 March, 2016Christian Screen
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