Single Row View222 blog from September 2013 states that Dimensional Hierarchies in OBIEE are used for a variety of important features. This post explores the fundamental reason for their existence and some specialized features that require their existence. But mostly he discusses the single most important thing to know about the RPD!-Tuesday, 10 September, 2013Jeff McQuigg
Single Row View223 says in this blog from June that this is a very common RPD modeling question on IT Toolbox. The problem is stated something like this: ?I have 2 fact tables and 3 dimension tables. One of the dimension tables doesn?t work with Fact #2 while the other 2 dimension tables work with both facts. When I make a report with all 3 dimensions and both facts, Fact #2 is incorrect or missing.? He then restates the problem using ?good BI language.? The blog post also features slides from a recent presentation of his.-Monday, 24 June, 2013Jeff McQuigg
Single Row View224 this blog post, Jeff demonstrates visually how circles can not be compared easily but in a vertical bar, comparison is visually better. He says to keep this in mind when dealing with comparisons using area based visuals.-Wednesday, 23 October, 2013Jeff McQuigg
Single Row View226 this September 2013 blog, Jeff announces that the project he bled and sweated over for nearly a whole year won KPI Partners the coveted Oracle Excellence Award for North American Specialized Partner of the Year in BI & EPM (formerly know as the Titan Award). He has also written a presentation that goes into further detail about the project.-Friday, 27 September, 2013Jeff McQuigg
Single Row View227 blog from December 2012, Jeff says, ?I?ve been spending a lot of time recently working on performance tuning projects. Sometimes the BI apps are slow, sometimes it?s custom, sometimes it?s a mix. I?ve gotten the chance to see what works in both Oracle and SQL Server. My conclusion about both of these databases is that they are like a cat or dog that gets fooled when you play hide the ball; they aren?t very smart sometimes. The only way you can really truly ensure database engines, even modern advanced ones, do things the right way to is to make it as simple and easy for them to understand as possible.?-Tuesday, 18 December, 2012Jeff McQuigg
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